As part of my teaching and research, I enjoy developing techniques for data intensive visualizations for space and geosciences. This page includes some current projects I am working on.

3D Interactive Mars Magnetic Environments

If you have difficulty loading the interactive graphic please see a screenshot at the bottom of the page.

About: The data included in this image represent the magnetic field of Mars courtesy of the MAVEN mission team Science Data Center. The colored lines represent magnetic field line traces started at 500 km above the surface. This orientation represents the sun overhead at 180 deg. longitude and a westward solar wind magnetic field. The colors on the surface represent the estimation of crustal fields as calculated from Langlais et al., 2019, contours of elevation are also shown. This graphic is a work in progress reconstructing a 3D dataset from spatio-temporal planetary mission data. This does not represnt a physical model but measured data, as a result of the statistical averaging of these data the magnetic field lines do not follow Maxwell's equations.

Resources: This interactive Mars is powered by Plotly. The development of this visualization was assisted by material from the Python for Dynamics and Evolution of Earth and Planets and SQLite.

Mars Image under Westward IMF